Greetings, I am going to answer a common question that I get from future networking folks. Is it better to divide the CCNA into two tests or just take the big kahuna? Personally,

I took the separate tests, but I will list the non-bias pros and cons of each. It does not matter which route you choose the end game is the same, conquering the gatekeeper of networking the covenanted CCNA.

Taking the ICND1 and 2 will give one less material to focus on. If you look at the objectives, the first half will be the IOS basics, layer two, and layer three fundamentals.

If you have a busy schedule you can take advantage of this and pluck the low-hanging fruit. Truth be told there is a yin and yang here the first half is extremely easy, but the second half is a dozy.

This is where Cisco gets into routing protocols and real troubleshooting. Since you are taking two tests the questions will be more granular (cough cough HSRP).

Taking the composite will cover the whole spectrum which is the CCNA. One will have more content to remember going this route, so you must make sure that as you study the ICND2 material that you regularly review the basics.

Math would say that 50% of the questions should be taken from the ICND1, but it is Cisco so that number might be a bit skewed. The logic for going this route would be that you will get fewer questions with a good portion of them being easy pickings.

Do not let other people pick which route you take. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your decision, that way you can walk into that testing center with confidence and own that test. Do you need help preparing for your certification?

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