I am going to review my three favorite resources for the CCNA. The first is Todd Lammle; his book is one of those few IT books out that will not put you to sleep after ten pages. He does a fantastic job of explaining networking in layman’s terms so that you can build a foundation. Todd then uses that foundational metaphor to illustrate the more granular content. I took four CCNA classes at school, and there were a few subjects that were just not sticking, but when I read his book, I saw the light. He has videos too, but at the time I was too cheap to buy them, Udemy has other great substitutes.  

Lazaro Diaz on Udemy is the best resource for the ICND1 that you will find period. For the second half of the CCNA Laz is a good starter. His 200-125 course is around $12 when there is a sale so one might as well watch his ICND2 videos as a prerequisite to Chris Bryant. Chris, is the man with the bytes, excuse my bad joke. Bryant calls his students bulldogs, and he also teaches the CCNA Security and CCNP on Udemy. If you care about your future job as a network engineer, you will go through Chris’s videos. I have even found myself pulling them out as a reference a few times at work. Ha-ha don’t laugh it was the last two hours of a long night shift and my body had already started going into hibernate mode. Chris gets just as granular as a Cisco Press book, but his Virginian charisma makes the content more digestible, and the occasional joke will keep you engaged.  

So how much will all this run you? 

Todd Lammle$30.60 

Lazaro Diaz$12 

Chris Bryant $12 


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If archives of my youth servers me right, a new video game costs around $60. So, for less than the price of a video game one can dramatically improve their life. While we are on the topic of money CCNA boot camps can run for hundreds of dollars, but you really don’t need them save your money instead.  

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